motivational quotes from book How to be a winner

By | April 4, 2021

Motivational quotes from book How to be a winner,

Dare to do new things

Dare to come out of the routines which you are following from long time.

Never hate anyone, don’t waste energy there.

Show your love to the people you love in your words, act  etc.

Start now….now…now

Think, Act and Speak Positivity.

Arise, Awake and not stop until your goal attained.

I will try one more time – attitude.

I you don’t like anything firmly say ‘No’ if people forces you.

Work on your dreams and desire.

Do what you love.

Meet successful people, Listen to their experiences.

Never Give-up.

Start Small good work, it will help you to build up self confidence.

If you are successful in doing small work, you will inspired to do noble work.

Have goals, have plans, it can be,

  • Personal
  • Family
  • Organization / carrier
  • Community

Engage yourself 10mins in morning for daily planning.

Face difficulties cheerfully.

Start from where you are

Start from where you are, what you have. Do Something and never be satisfied…

Count your blessings, count your strong points.

Dont be dipressed from your current limitations.

Anything good that you want to do — go ahead and start it.

Dont except perfect conditions in life, If you wait till everything is just ‘right’, you will never begin at all.

A ten thousand mile journey begins with single step only and completed by single step.

You must begin, you must begin not from where you would like to be — but must begin from where you are.

Be yourself.

You are the bets judge of your life and your time.

If you love your life – kindly dont waste your precious time.

Michael Faraday – “Sir Take five dollars from me, but dont rob away my five minutes.”

Build your personality on your strong points.

doubter dont win winners don’t doubt.

There is no time to lose.

Finish what you start.