Microsoft GD Interview Questions

By | November 13, 2019

One of my friend attended Microsoft GD Interview recently, i have captured some of the interview questions please find them as below,

  1. Protected abstract class
  2. Difference between Access modifiers
    • Public
    • Private
    • Protected
    • Internal Protected
    • Internal
  3. Assemblies vs. Namespace
  4. Assemblies vs. App Domain
  5. How App domain works
  6. How IIS works
  7. Why App Domain
  8. If two assemblies have same name and have same class in both that assemblies then how you will access members of these classes differently. [ Interviewer asked to write a program]
  9. Delegate real world example [ Asked to write simple program]
  10. Singleton design pattern. [ Asked to write simple program]
  11. Disadvantages of Locks in singleton desing pattern.
  12. How you would replace locks in singleton pattern, so that only single thread can access at a time.

For now, i have just mentioned the list of question, will soon post answers too. 🙂