C#.Net Interview Questions

OOP is the base for almost every programming languages. So before going to learn any languages you must clear the concepts of oops. Also when you go for any interview the interviewer first check the OOPS concepts, whether you are .Net programmer or java or any other programmer but OOP is the base for all modern programming languages. So clear the OOP concepts and let me know for any clarification Required,

1) What is OOP, Object and Class

2)  What are properties of object oriented programming ? Or  What are 4 main Pillars / Components /Concepts of object oriented programming ?

Static Polymorphism ( Funcation Overloading.)
Dynamic Polymorphism ( Funcation Overriding.)

3) Interview questions related to Inheritance in C#.Net

  • What is Inheritance Hierarchy?
  • Do .Net supports multiple inheritance?
  • Why don’t we have multiple inheritance in .Net?
  • How do you prevent a class from inherited?
  • If we inherit the class does the private variables also inherited?

4) Interview questions related to Abstract class and interface.

5) What is partial class?

  • Advantage and disadvantage of partial class
  • Important points of partial class