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Visual Studio 2017 issues, tips and tricks

How to hit breakpoint of global.aspx

By | November 10, 2020

Problem Statement- How to hit breakpoint of global.aspx or breakpoint in global.aspx not getting hit or application_start is not being hit  or global.asax – breakpoint not working or hitting breakpoints in global.asax Solution for all above statements are same as below, Open the global.aspx file by clicking on it. 2.  Add space at the end before… Read More »

some of the properties associated with the solution could not be read

By | October 20, 2019

While Opening any solution in visual studio you may get this type of error [Message Box shown in below picture] but the solution can build without any errors. Reason for this kind of errors is due to duplicate section in solution config file. GlobalSection(TeamFoundationVersionControl) = preSolution Solution – Remove duplicate section and reload the solution… Read More »